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Healthy Nut Butters Online

Of all the nut butter available out there, you are probably most acquainted with peanut spread. It prevailed upon you when it initially showed up in your lunch box in all its gooey wonder. Right from the school canteen to the corner office, the jelly sandwich & peanut butter is a noon lunchtime staple that never loses its intrigue.

Although, there is plenty of nut butter online to browse. Nut butter is prepared using almonds, cashews, hazelnut, macadamia nuts, and more that are easily available outside.


Below is a collection of our top-rated nut butter that is healthy, too:


  • Almond Butter: Almond butter is an incredible choice if you want to expand your taste horizons past any other nut butter online. Almond butter tastes incredible and is comparable in thickness & texture to peanut butter. Although the good news is that it contains approx. 3 grams more amount of heart-sound monounsaturated fat per serving than nut butter India. Also, unlike processed ordinary nut butter online, almond butter generally is lower in sugar levels and offers some additional calcium, around 60 mg for each tablespoon.


  • Hazelnut Butter: While almond butter and organic peanut spread might be great additions to your everyday diet, take care of this popular spread. Nut Butter prices are usually moderate, except Hazelnut spread. While delightful, hazelnut butter contains a good amount of sugar, some of the most well-known include chocolate flavor as well. Always make sure to read the nutrition label for fat & sugar (particularly palm oil) content. Hazelnut butter should be dealt with rich calorie-loaded treats and eat them sparingly.


  • Peanut Butter: For a prudent & nutritious choice, peanut spread gives the significant amount of protein each serving of all nut spread i.e. 8 grams and is especially economical. Peanut butter is moreover rich in antioxidants & low carbs. Also, it helps in improving satiety when combined with veggies and fruits. Also, maintain a distance with brands which include salt, sugars, preservatives, fats, preservatives, and chocolate. Try to avoid low-fat peanut spread.