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Pack of 3 Nut Butters with Dark Chocolate | Hazelnut , Peanut & Almond Butter

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50% Dark Almond Butter | Vegan

An almond butter like no other. The dark chocolate almond butter is the perfect mixture of natural sourced almond and plant based dark chocolate, with no added palm oil, making this the perfect vegan butter for making all your favourite desserts and smoothies alike. Never a dull meal – enjoy the 50% almonds in 100% goodness all day, every day

50% Dark Hazelnut Butter

Your toast now has a new best friend. Smeared with hazelnut, this dark chocolate butter adds the much needed to earthiness to a regular chocolate spread. Perfect as a healthy snack, a dessert or even in your favourite fruity smoothie, the hazelnut butter with dark chocolate is vegan, gluten-free and all natural featuring no palm oil.

Peanut Butter With Dark Chocolate

A PBJ sandwich but made better. Replace the old jelly with dark chocolate in our peanut butter. Containing 60% of natural peanuts blended with plant-based dark chocolate and zero palm oil, this butter is healthy, tasty and completely vegan, making this spread a favourite snack accompaniment for kids as well as adults alike.

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