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  • How is Farm to Bar different from Bean to Bar?

Farm to Bar :

  • Complete Control: From nurturing the soil and selecting cocoa genetics to carefully harvesting and fermenting the beans, Farm to Bar chocolate makers orchestrate every step. This hands-on approach allows them to deeply understand the beans and create unique flavor profiles reflecting their specific terroir.
  • Direct Trade: Many Farm to Bar makers prioritize ethical sourcing through direct partnerships with farmers, ensuring fair prices and sustainable practices.
  • Smaller Scale: Often boutique operations, Farm to Bar chocolate can be less readily available but offers a truly personalized chocolate experience.

Bean to Bar:

  • Focus on Processing: Starting with dried cocoa beans sourced from various origins, Bean to Bar makers excel at the art of transformation. Their skillful roasting, grinding, conching, and tempering unlock the unique potential of each bean, offering a diverse range of flavor profiles.
  • Variety of Origins: Bean to Bar makers often source beans from different regions, allowing them to showcase the distinct characteristics of each terroir. This approach caters to adventurous palates seeking to explore the world of chocolate.
  • Larger Scale: With a broader focus on processing, Bean to Bar chocolate can be more readily available but may lack the deeply personalized touch of Farm to Bar.

  • How will taking an Ambriona dealership help my business?

 The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in unprecedented changes in consumer behaviour. Today's consumers are well aware of the benefits of Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, All-natural & keto-friendly diets. They are also willing to spend a higher share of their income on healthy & nutritious foods. Ambriona & Daarzel products offer a perfect balance of health & indulgence resulting in an increasing demand & popularity of our products.  Come join & become a part of our success story!


  • How do I become a dealer for Ambriona Chocolates?

 Contact us on 9981134333 & 9326076610 or send us an email on ambrionaonlinesales@gmail.com Our team will reach out to you soonest & help you understand all aspects of a dealership. We would love for you to become part of the Ambriona family 


  • Do you undertake B2B orders? (Bakeries, Restaurants & Cafes)

 Yes!! We always love to do business with fellow members from the business landscape! However, bulk orders are a prerequisite for this one! Please send us your inquiries on ambrionaonlinesales@gmail.com & our team will revert with the best offer soonest!


  • Can chocolates be customized for a particular event?

Ofcourse they can! Infact you must check out https://www.ambriona.com/collections/gift-hampers/products/customised-wedding-invitation-box to get an idea of the customized packaging we can make for your special day! Be it a wedding, birthday or a baby shower, Ambriona’s got you covered You can email us on ambriona.digitalmarketing@gmail.com to get your custom chocolates sorted today!


  • Where can I purchase your chocolates online?

 You can place the order with us directly on our website anytime of the day (or night!) and the products will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible


  •  maximum & minimum delivery timeline

Minimum 1 hour and maximum is 5 days


  • Where can I purchase your chocolates through a retail store?

Kindly whatsapp on this number 9981134333