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Pack of Almond Butters | Almond Butter Unsweetened | Almond Butter with Dark Chocolate | No palm oil | 400 g

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Unsweetened - Almond Butter

Swirls of earthy almond butter with a dash of the sea. Adding a hint of salt to the creamy rich almond butter, this dark chocolate flavoured spread is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Featuring all natural ingredient and zero palm oils, enjoy the splash of the ocean sweetness in this high protein, gluten-free treat

50% Dark Almond Butter

An almond butter like no other. The dark chocolate almond butter is the perfect mixture of natural sourced almond and plant based dark chocolate, with no added palm oil, making this the perfect vegan butter for making all your favourite desserts and smoothies alike. Never a dull meal – enjoy the 50% almonds in 100% goodness all day, every day

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