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Ambriona Daarzel - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut | Vegan & Gluten Free | No Added Sugar |

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good taste, comes with cold gel package so doesn't melt in transit.

most of dark chocolates in India are bitter and tasteless but this one is out of the league. it has a unique taste which makes it a kids-favourite. it has zero sugar so senior citizens can also try it. overall it means its a family chocolate. best part of it I really appreciate is that it came with a cold gel package. this is really awesome from the manufacturer.

Meetu Threja
Perfect bar of Dark chocolate with zero sugar.

Dark chocolates are my favorite. But it's hard to find a perfect one. After eating this Daarzel sugar free Dark chocolate I would say this is the perfect piece. 70% Dark chocolate with zero sugar made with stevia which is also very good for our health. It is vegan and gluten free too !! I would recommend you all to try this at least once in your life.

Mayur Thakkar
Good Product

For Dark chocolate lovers this is the perfect match !! This two flavours are my favourite and i really enjoyed it. Apart from its quality it is very large in size as compared to price so it is value for money product.

Ashutosh Kumar
Nice flavour

I bought these sugar free chocolates, and my initial impression was in favor sweeter and more sharply flavored of the two, but after enjoying both for a couple of weeks, I've come to really appreciate, richer flavors. There is a much more satisfying chocolate taste, as well as a more luxurious mouth feel.

Amit Chadda
Nice flavour

So happy to have found a flavoured chocolate that too with zero sugar. Chocolate has a strong cocoa flavour and melts very smoothly when eaten.

Nutritional Facts: Per 50 g (As per serving size)*

327.15 Kcal
5.68 g
Total Fats
27.05 g
Saturated Fat
4.92 g
Unsaturated Fat
22.13 g
Trans Fat
0 g
15.24 g
Added Sugar
0 g
*Approximate Values
Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Solids and Cocoa Butter], Hazelnuts, Chicory Root Powder, Soya Lechitin, Real Vanilla, Erythitol


-Made from High-quality fresh Cocoa sourced from South India and fermented in clean environment before processing
-Contains 70% Dark Chocolate which makes this much healthier than the other chocolate bars out there
- Daarzel Sugar-Free chocolates are sweetened with Natural Stevia
-Vegan, Dairy-Free : Suitable for people with lactose intolerance
-No Added Sugar. Rich source of Antioxidants
-Pure Gluten-Free chocolates derived from roasted cacao beans

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