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Zero Sugar - 70% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Mint | Vegan & Gluten Free

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Dark chocolate with a hint of mint! This zero sugar 70% dark chocolate bar made with 100% stevia is the healthy treat you’ve been looking for. Zero reasons to compromise on indulgence. A chocolate bar so cool, that it leaves you feeling minty fresh and healthy with every bite.

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Sonali Vrat
low sugar content,

Chocolates are really nice. Since there aren't many options in India for dark chocolate with low sugar content, wanted to give them a try, and wasn't disappointed!

abhinav kumar
Nice dark chocolate

Nice dark chocolateFrom the taste it seems authentic even though the calories are about 100 kcal more than other brands. The packaging by Daarzel is super prettyðŸ˜_x008d_. Nicely packed and shipped by Amazon

Product was so good, in one word I am happy😊😊

I like it mint flavor, Value for the money product.

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