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Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing

The AMBRIONA Wine Pairing Experience 

The pairing of wine and chocolate is an art in itself, as much as it is a science. When it is done correctly, the different flavours and the complexity of both these offerings balance each other out, and hence in the process, complement one another like nothing else.

Wine and chocolates have a lot of commonalities. For starters, they’re both considered aphrodisiacs. They both also contain flavanols, which are valuable antioxidants. Hence, these similarities render them nothing but ideal for paring.

When you are serving multiple wines, it is recommended that you start with the lightest one and then gradually move up to the stronger ones.

There are 2 types of pairings : 

  • Congruent paring - A congruent pairing creates balance by amplifying shared flavor compounds. 
  • Complementary paring - A complementary pairing creates balance by contrasting tastes and flavors.

  • Now, when you are trying out the matching of chocolate with wine, it is recommended that you first take a sip of the beverage of your choice and swirl it around your mouth. Next, take a bite of the chocolate, let it melt inside your mouth and consequently, allow its flavours to fully coat the innards of your mouth. Do remember to keep breathing, for this will help the air inside your mouth in bringing out all the flavors.

    Our patrons are also encouraged to experiment and find out what suits their inclination best. One way to do so would be by inviting friends and family. You could then intermingle different flavour notes of the chocolates with their wine counterparts and find out the combinations you like the most.

    For example, say you tried a piece of a dark chocolate bar and followed it up with a particular wine or vice versa, and it left a bad taste in your mouth. You would not be wrong in inferring that it was not the right match. You will know when it is the right match when the flavour blends smoothly in your mouth and leave a wonderful trail of taste that you cannot help but relish.

    Most of the recommended pairings are as per the Congruent method.

    Name of chocolate 


    Recommended wines for paring 

    Flavour bridges 

    Single-origin south American dark chocolate 


    Chenin blancChardonnayPort wine, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Bold, citric,  Fruity & Earthy elements 

    Signature blend dark chocolate 


    MerlotShiraz, Borlo, Late harvest Zinfandel

    FruitySmokey & Spice elements 

    Roasted Almond with Milk chocolate or a White chocolate 


    Rose, Pinot Noir, Dessert wines

    Sweet & Mild critic elements