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Christmas chocolate boxes -( Customizable )

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Dark ganache with a strawberry center x 3
Tropical Coconut x 3

Tangerine x 3


Ambriona - 80% Uganda Dark Chocolate | Vegan | Gluten Free

Ambriona - Cream & Onion Flavored Almonds. 

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Parameswar K Iyer
Great taste

Very unique taste and quality

Suits for Gluten and Wheat and Dairy allergy patients

I have gluten and dairy sensitivity and thought of buying these chocolates to try, so here what I say AMAZING 😍 I was dreaming for dark chocolates for so long, will buy again and other flavors as well. Only thing is when delivered it was complete watery because of the heat, though there was a pouch of ice suppose to keep it cold but still.

Nilisha Parashar
Perfect orange choclate with dark side.

Flavor was very good. It just get melted when we put in our mouth and the taste was long lasting. It gives a very good combination of orange and dark chocolate which gives it a different flavour and taste but it was too good. Packing was good it comes with ice gel. Warmth was good.

Pinky Patel
Great product. I would buy it again

Orange flavour chocolate. Packaging was in excellent Condition

Sarath k
Very nice taste

we eat regular chocolates from stores and online, but this is totally different from them. This is also a pure veg chocolate, non-sticky chocolate this is rare in chocolate and all the time I had chocolate with nuts and others but never tried with orange flavor. So tasty and loved orange flavor, I will be reordering this again… If you truly love the chocolates you must go for this