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Daarzel Zero Sugar - Pack of 5 | Vegan & Gluten Free |

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70% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate 

A chocolate bar that makes you healthier. The zero sugar dark chocolate bar is made entirely with zero-calorie stevia and is completely natural and plant-based. Rich in antioxidants and driven by pure dark chocolate goodness, this sugar & gluten free dessert will not just satisfy your cravings but also recharge your body.

70% Sugar free Dark chocolate with Orange

Enjoy the decadent combination of orange and dark chocolate but with zero guilt. Made from zero-calorie, natural stevia and 70% plant-based dark chocolate, this bar has all the nutrients of a fresh glass of orange juice blended seamlessly into a zero sugar dark chocolate bar. Is there a better form of healthy munching?

70% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Almond

Nothing makes for a better post workout treat than a dark chocolate and nutty sugar free bar. Made from zero calorie stevia, 70% plant-based cacao and fresh almonds, this zero sugar chocolate bar is fully of healthy nutrients and antioxidants. You can now satisfy your fitness goals along with your sweet tooth.

70% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Mint

Dark chocolate with a hint of mint! This zero sugar 70% dark chocolate bar made with 100% stevia is the healthy treat you’ve been looking for. Zero reasons to compromise on indulgence. A chocolate bar so cool, that it leaves you feeling minty fresh and healthy with every bite.

70% Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut

A scrumptious sugar free delight with the crunch of natural hazelnuts. All the goodness of a health bar wrapped up in a 70% dark chocolate hazelnutty bar. The earthiness of handpicked hazelnut blends seamlessly with the organic sweet flavour of the zero-calorie stevia in this  guilt free treat.

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Daarzel Zero Sugar - Pack of 5 | Vegan & Gluten Free |

Rashmita MazumderRashmita Mazumder
These Dark chocolates are amazing. Each and every flavour is absolutely delicious.

These Dark chocolates are amazing. Each and every flavour is absolutely delicious.These are keto friendly and now I can indulge in them guiltfree.

Kavita Tater
Nice chocolate

Chocolate tastes good and it's appearance is also premium and same can be used for gifting purpose too and the best thing is no worry for sugar.

Taanisha bajajTaanisha bajaj
Only dark chocolate I love 😍❤️❤️

These chocolates are soo healthy 😍 vegan and gluten free,100% natural.. the one who do strict diet for them this is a saviour. 😅Order urs also asap they even have different flavours also i love them all.😍🍫😍

Healthy chocolates😍

The chocolates were very tasty and the best part is that they're gluten free😍😍😍i loved the dark and almond chocolate the most😍😍 You should try these ASAP😍😍❤🤭🤭