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Ambriona Dark Chocolate set of 3 Single Origin 55 - 90% Dark Chocolates

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Kanika Agrawal
Beautiful chocolate with amazing taste

It is very tasty. This chocolate was not only very amazing in taste but it was so beautiful, I have never seen such a beautiful chocolate and cover. As a chocolate lover I loved it and I am very sure any chocolate lover will. This is very worth it if you are fan of dark chocolates and also trying to watch your weight as its low on carbs. It have unique taste compared to other dark chocolates but this makes it more delicious and yummy.

Hetal Chokhadia
Best For Dark Chocolate🍫 Lovers

Perfect bitter taste, pure dark chocolate, simple ingredients.Awesome loved it😍Delivered on time.☺👏🏻

True Dark chocolate

I loved the chocolate. To be honest preferred this over the Lindt one as well. They tasted awesome and were well packaged with ice packs. Was surprised to see that it did not melt in this heat. Also received the product prior the due date. Will surely be ordering more soon.

Mrunal sethunath
Loved it!! Perfect for keto

I loved the complete pacakge.. the texture is smooth to taste.. and even though 80% it is not so bitter.. a small piece and I have happy to satisfy my craving for chocolate ... It's a yes from me... Id wish if the costs was a lil lower than what it is now ... Perfect for my keto diet ...

Aditya Harkawat
Must try for every dark chocolate lovers....

Wish I could rate it 10 stars. Outstanding dark chocolate , take a bite and I can bet you can't stop yourself to grab an another one. The best part about the chocolate is that its Gluten Free and its 100% vegan. it's actually great for health . melts in the mouth when kept outside for 15-20 minutes. Its very rare to find such a good Indian premium chocolates.

Nutritional Facts: Per 50 g (71% Dark Chocolate from Ecuador)*

286 Kcal
4.2 g
21.5 g
16 g
13.5 g
*Approximate Values
This box contains a set of 3 Single Origin Dark Chocolates.

90% Dark Chocolate from Maracaibo ( Made from Porcelana Cacao )

Cacao Solids, Cacao Butter, Sugar, Soya Lecithin, Vanilla.


90% Maracaibo is made from Porcelana cocoa which is the purest & rarest form of the Criollo cocoa. It originates from the south of lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. It commands the highest price as Porcelana is scarcely available & also the most fragile of cocoa varieties which makes it difficult to farm.


This chocolate bar will amaze you with hints of Caramel, roasted Coffee, Vanilla & Prune.

71% Dark Chocolate from Ecuador ( Made from Nagional Cacao )

Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter,  (INS 322)]


Crafted using the rarest Single-origin Ecuadorian Nacional cocoa which only accounts for 0.05% of the cocoa produced in Ecuador. 

The Ecuador Single Origin is one of the most coveted chocolates in the world & will mesmerize you with its distinct flavor of Red Fruit, Floral and Earthy notes.

55% Dark Chocolate with a blend of beans from Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam ( Made from Criollo & Forastero Cacao )

Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, (INS 322)]

Crafted by blending the highest-quality cocoa from Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam.
This Signature Blend bar is the perfectly balanced Dark chocolate, enamored with hints of red fruits and mild bitterness that never fails to leave behind a lingering fruity and smoky aftertaste on your palate.

VEGAN: Our chocolate is 100% vegetarian.

GLUTEN FREE: Gluten is a glue type protein found in wheat, rye, and barley which provides a sticky feel.

HEALTHY: Inclusion of dark chocolates makes our chocolate much more healthier than the ones available in local stores.

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