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Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut | Vegan & Gluten Free

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A scrumptious sugar free delight with the crunch of natural hazelnuts. All the goodness of a health bar wrapped up in a 70% dark chocolate hazelnutty bar. The earthiness of handpicked hazelnut blends seamlessly with the organic sweet flavour of the zero-calorie stevia in this  guilt free treat.

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Mayur Thakkar
Good Product

For Dark chocolate lovers this is the perfect match !! This two flavours are my favourite and i really enjoyed it. Apart from its quality it is very large in size as compared to price so it is value for money product.

Ashutosh Kumar
Nice flavour

I bought these sugar free chocolates, and my initial impression was in favor sweeter and more sharply flavored of the two, but after enjoying both for a couple of weeks, I've come to really appreciate, richer flavors. There is a much more satisfying chocolate taste, as well as a more luxurious mouth feel.

Liked the taste, still could have been better

I really liked the flavour of hazelnut, however i found it is not melting in mouth due to its crunchy nature, overall good.

Yum reasonably priced Dark Chocolate from a Desi Brand💖

The taste of the chocolates are excellent. May be they are bitter (dark chocolate for a reason) they are upto mark and well manufactured. It was well packaged with a cooling gel pack and was in perfect condition when delivered. I will give 5 stars for chocolate quality. Loved 😘


Ambriona Daarzel - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut | Vegan & Gluten Free | No Added Sugar |

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