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Ambriona Chocolate gift box 55% to 90% Dark Chocolate Single Origin from Uganda Maracaibo Grenada Eucador Signature Blend and Aged India | Gluten Free | Vegan | Pack of 6 x 50 gm Hamper

Single Origin Dark chocolate: 90% Maracaibo is made from Porcelana cocoa which is the purest & rarest form of Criollo cocoa. It originates from the south of lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. It commands the highest price as Porcelana is scarcely available & also the most fragile of cocoa varieties which makes it difficult to farm.


65% Dark Chocolate from Grenada is exquisitely crafted using one of the strongest origin cocoa beans grown in Volcanic soil under very hot climatic conditions. This chocolate bar will soothe you with notes of roasted cacao, honey with a hint of citrus fruits.


80% Dark Chocolate: Vegan Dark Chocolate: Exquisitely crafted using Origin Cocoa beans from Uganda in Central Africa. The Uganda Single Origin will surprise you with its distinct amalgamation of rich cocoa and citric berry notes.


Dark Chocolate with 71% Cacao: Crafted using the rarest Single-origin Ecuadorian Nacional cocoa which only accounts for 0.05% of the cocoa produced in Ecuador. The Ecuador Single Origin is one of the most coveted chocolates in the world & will mesmerize you with its distinct flavor of Red Fruit, Floral and Earthy notes.


Vegan Dark Chocolate: The aged Indian Origin 85% with coconut sugar is one of the most unique chocolate bars one can come across. The Exotic Indian Criolla beans are used. For making this chocolate is aged in a shiraz wine barrel which complements the natural sweet spice & cashew notes with a mint black cherry.


Multi Origin Dark Chocolate: Crafted by blending the highest-quality cocoa from Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam. This Signature Blend bar is the perfectly balanced Dark chocolate, enamored with hints of red fruits and mild bitterness that never fails to leave behind a lingering fruity and smoky aftertaste on your palate.


All these Dark chocolate are Vegan, Gluten Free, having a shelf life of 12 months.


These all Chocolate bars have a delicious fruity yet earthy taste, Bitter dark chocolate makes it healthy yet delicious. Dark Chocolate will help you to reduce depression, improve health & strengthen immunity. Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Natural Dark Chocolate, Rich in Antioxidants, Calcium, Fiber, Protein and Nutrition.