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Ambriona - 85% Aged India Single Origin | Vegan & Gluten Free | 50 g

Nutritional Facts: Per 50 g (As per serving size)*

321 Kcal
5.47 g
26.1 g
16.1 g
6.65 g
Trans Fat 
0 g
Saturatad Fat 
11.35 g
Unsaturatad Fat 
14.75 g
*Approximate Values
Dark Chocolate [Cocoa solids, Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithin, Coconut sugar, Vanilla


The aged Indian Origin 85% with cocount sugar is one of the most unique chocolate bars one can come across. The Exotic Indian Criolla beans used. For making this chocolate are aged in a shiraz wine barrel which complements the natural sweet spice & cashew notes with a mint black cherry.