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Pack of 5 Vegan Milk Chocolate with Nuts & Berries

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Vegan Strawberry Cheese Cake Chocolate

Bringing you the ultimate dessert in the shape of a vegan chocolate bar. The fresh, indulgent flavours of a creamy strawberry cheesecake made even better with artisanal white chocolate. Made from real strawberries and 31% Indian origin cacao blended into pure vegan milk, this pop pink coloured sweat treat is all things playful and delicious.

Blueberry Cheese Cake Chocolate

Craving the fun, luxurious combination of sweet and tart blueberry cheesecake? We’ve got you one better. Replicating the flavours of a creamy cheesecake and fresh blueberry compote in the smoothest Indian origin 33% cacao and 100 % vegan milk, this white chocolate bar is completely natural and gluten-free, making this chocolate bar your new favourite guilt-free dessert.

Creamchy Matcha

Are you ready for a trip to Japan? Just as the name suggests, the Creamchy Matcha white chocolate bar is made with a creamy blend of pure vegan milk, matcha and 35% plant-based cacao featuring the crunchiness of carefully sourced quinoa puffs, taking your palate on a journey with every bite.

Nutty Bar 45% Mild Dark Chocolate

A match made in heaven, the Nutty Bar is the perfect combination of smooth and crunchy. Made from our very own 45% rich mild dark chocolate that melts in your mouth and carefully sourced nuts, this vegan chocolate bar is the ultimate delight. Indulge in the nutty, gluten-free goodness in every bite.

Cookies and cream

Your favourite childhood combination in the form of a chocolate bar. Made from vegan 32% Indian origin cocoa and gluten-free cookies with a hint of vanilla, this white chocolate bar is completely vegan. The creaminess of smooth white chocolate and the crunchiness of cookies is playful, delicious and never disappoints.

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Thank you for not adding any white sugar in your products and keeping them vegan


The packaging was perfect

Neha mrinal

Loved all the flavours. Would love if everything was free😛 so i could eat a lot more