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Sugar Free Rakhi Gift Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Prakash Jain
Melts in your mouth

Packaging is amazing

vishal patil
Nice product.

These Dark chocolates are amazing and their flavors are delicious.

Only 13 kcal chocolate

I liked this chocolate as it’s gluten, dairy and sugar free! This works for me as pcos stops me from eating gluten, dairy and sugar.Although as per the nutritional values, it’s mentioned 13.5 Kcal per 50g which is so less and really a steal for the health conscious. I called the supplier and he mentioned that this means it’s low cal. Although super interesting and would love to know how it’s so less in calories compared to all other dark chocolates. One star less because they haven’t explained why it’s so less in calories and it’s not easy to get through to customer care.I bought it off Zomato so I received it cold with dry ice, will purchase again when I have a chocolate craving.

anmol singh
Only dark chocolate I love 😍❤️❤️

These chocolates are soo healthy 😍 vegan and gluten free,100% natural.. the one who do strict diet for them this is a saviour. 😅Order urs also asap they even have different flavours also i love them all.😍🍫😍

Saara khan
The healthy and yummy dark chocolates to fulfill your cravings.

Packaging is next level

Dark Chocolate Sugar Free bar, Vegan, Diabetes Friendly, Gluten Free, 70% Cocoa, with Mint Orange Almonds Hazelnut & Indian Origin, Sweeten with Stevia (No Maltitol), Pack of 5, Gift Pack : Daarzel Zero Sugar by Ambriona is tailor-made as per your dietary needs, keeping in mind your calorie counting meal plans.

Our 70% dark chocolate zero sugar bars are delicious, sugar-free, low on carbs & a favorite among diabetic consumers. Recommended for people with a moderately active lifestyle, people trying to avoid sugar in order to lose weight & diabetic patients.

This Dark Milk Dark Chocolate 55% Malabar is crafted using the cocoa beans grown alongside the coconut plantations of the Malabar coast of India. This chocolate bar is a sugar free delight with the amalgamation of sweet spice notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom along with the slight acidity of pepper & cloves with hints of Cashew Coconut, Caramel & Hazelnuts.