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Pack of 3 Single Origin Dark Chocolate 55% - 71%

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55% Mild Dark Chocolate .Origins from Costa Rica

The 55% Mild Dark Chocolate is one of our most loved signature blends! This chocolate bar is carefully crafted with the highest quality cocoa from Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam and blends the taste of the 3 lands. Featuring hints of red fruit, mild bitterness and subtle smokiness on your palate, this gluten free, vegan chocolate bar never disappoints.

71% Single Origin Dark Chocolate from Ecuador

The 71% intense dark chocolate, made from the hand picked beans straight from a single estate in Ecuadar, is the vegan delight you’ve been looking for. This South American origin treat will transport you to the beautiful country with its distinct floral, fruity and earthy notes.

65% Grenada Single Origin

Emerging from the volcanic soil, the 65% Grenada is the strongest single origin cocoa bean we source. Straight from the beautiful Caribbean island, this vegan chocolate bar is the perfectly scrumptious dessert with its notes of roasted cacao, honey and fruity hints that bring the fresh citrus bursts to every bite.

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One off the best single origin chocolates

The chocolates are as per my taste.. Thank you