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Combo of Peanut Butters | Peanut Butter Creamy ( Unsweetened ) | Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate | Keto Friendly | Vegan Gluten Free |All Natural | Vegan | Keto | High Protein| 400 g

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Peanut Butter With Dark Chocolate

A PBJ sandwich but made better. Replace the old jelly with dark chocolate in our peanut butter. Containing 60% of natural peanuts blended with plant-based dark chocolate and zero palm oil, this butter is healthy, tasty and completely vegan, making this spread a favourite snack accompaniment for kids as well as adults alike.

Ambriona - Peanut Butter Creamy | Unsweetened

A vegan butter with a twist. With the flavour of cinnamon in every bite, lather up this peanut butter on your daily morning toast or add it to your pre-workout banana smoothie for a high protein snack. Made with no added palm oil and using only pure plant-based dark chocolate, this healthy, creamy spread is here to prove that peanut butter can get better!


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