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Ambriona Dark Chocolate, Himaliyan Forest Honey & Peanut butter Dark Chocolates ( Pack of 5) with Diya

This box contains a set of 5 Single Origin Dark Chocolates, 1 Himalaya Forest Honey, 1 peanut butter with dark chocolate.

90% Dark Chocolate from Maracaibo ( Made from Porcelana Cacao )

71% Dark Chocolate from Ecuador ( Made from Nagional Cacao )

55% Dark Chocolate with a blend of beans from Costa Rica, Togo, and Vietnam ( Made from Criollo & Forastero Cacao )

65% Dark Chocolate from Grenada ( Made from Trinitario Cacao )

80% Dark Chocolate from Uganda ( Made from Trinitario Cacao )

VEGAN: Our chocolate is 100% vegetarian.

HEALTHY: Inclusion of dark chocolates makes our chocolate much healthier than the ones available in local stores."

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