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The AMBRIONA logo is our tribute to the Mayan civilisation, which was the first civilisation to harvest cocoa. Without them we would have missed out on the single best food discovery in the history of mankind. The Invention of chocolate!

The logo is inspired by the Mayan goddess of chocolate, ‘Ixcacao’.

The brand specialises in single origin & combinations of origin chocolates.

The cocoa is sourced from estates in Ecuador, Costa-Rica, Togo, Vietnam & Uganda. The cocoa from each region has its own distinct flavour characteristics.

What are single origin chocolates?

The chocolates which are made from the cocoa beans harvested from one single estate from one region are called single origin chocolates.

The Natural factors such as the mineral content of the soil, climatic conditions, flora & fauna habituating the estate determine the distinct flavours of the single origin chocolate. The flavour of the single origin chocolates are non-replicable as its ‘Made by Nature’.

Brand USP icons

  • 100% Natural (Icon)
  • Made from pure Madagascar vanilla (Icon)
  • Origin cocoa (icon)
  • Criollo bean (icon)
  • Vegan (icon)
  • Gluten free (icon)
  • High cocoa content (icon)
  • 16 Micron particle size (icon)
  • Conched for 72 hour (icon)
  • Made from pure cocoa butter (icon)
  • No added vegetable fat (icons)
  • Rich source of antioxidants (icon)
  • Rich source of dietary fibre (icon)
  • Low sugar content (icon)
  • 100% vegetarian (icon)


Daarzel is a young & vibrant brand which offers a unique take on high quality Indian origin dark chocolates which are tastier & healthier alternatives to conventional milk compounds & milk chocolates.

The mass commercialisation of milk compounds & milk chocolates have left the countries premium cocoa offering, undiscovered.

We want our consumers to taste & discover what real Dark chocolates are. We want our customers to be able to relish chocolates with cocoa as its dominant ingredient.

Brand USP’s

  • No added vegetable fat (icon)
  • Made from Pure cocoa butter (icon)
  • Vegan (icon)
  • Gluten free (icon)
  • Rich source of antioxidants (icon)
  • Rich source of dietary fibre (icon)
  • Low sugar sugar content (icon)
  • High quality cocoa (icon)
  • 100% vegetarian (icon)
  • High cocoa content (icon)

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