About Ambriona

About us (Briefly)

One fine summer afternoon, a small group of chocolate lovers and professional chocolatiers got together. They very passionately spoke about chocolate and the increasing popularity of milk chocolate (milk compound) over the relative obscurity of dark chocolate in India. By the end of this discussion, it was clear that people across the country were unaware of the real differences amid authentic dark chocolate and milk chocolate. 

"Something had to be done...!", together said these chocolate connoisseurs. 

After a whole lot of hard work and research, they found an assiduous increase in the per capita consumption of chocolates in the average Indian household. Also, an evident increase in the number of health-conscious individuals who dutifully monitor what goes into their body. They learned that there are consumers constantly searching for better & healthier alternatives to milk chocolates, those who are also willing to pay a higher price.

These Cacao experts, with affirmation and passion in their hearts, embarked upon a new journey. The aim was clear, there was a desire to manufacture and promote dark chocolates. Using superior ingredients that were invariably and unquestionably, far healthier & tastier alternatives to conventional milk compounds & chocolates.
This new beginning was named the ‘Ambriona’ Cacao Blend Pvt Ltd.

Our Principles (Rightly devised):

Upon the inception of this new venture, the founding members of the team devised a clear and comprehensible set of principles. These principles were laid out concerning a ratio. It really is coined as the 'Right Ratio'.

The “Right Ratio” governs the composition of Ambriona products. The products, as any consumer would expect, are made with the best ingredients, utilising nothing but the best techniques available. The team toils round the clock to offer an extensive range of options to cater to varying tastes and preferences.

Here is a comprehensive list of Ambriona's delectable offerings:

- Vegan chocolates
- Gluten free chocolates
- 100% natural chocolates
- Single origin chocolates and Blended-Origin chocolates
- Chocolates with varying cocoa content ranging from 45% to 80%
- Chocolates made from real Madagascar Vanilla
- Chocolates rich in antioxidants & Dietary fibre
- Chocolates made from alpine milk
- Chocolates with 16-micron particle size
- Chocolates conched for 72 hours
- Chocolates with low sugar content
- Chocolates which promote weight loss

Execution phase (Getting it and setting it up): 

The journey of Ambriona Cacao Blends Pvt Ltd started in April 2015, with the conception of it as an idea. After sampling cocoa from 20 different plantations across the globe, the first finished product was ready to be served after 2 years in April 2017.

The cocoa from each region had its distinct character & flavour profile. Some vastly and some vaguely different from the other. During the 2 year duration of establishment, the team conducted several meticulous surveys to identify flavour preference of the Indian palate.

Once the preferred flavour profiles were identified, the Ambriona team started instating their international sourcing collaborations.

Subsequently, manufacturing & packaging equipment was sourced, the land was leased, factory set up, finance arranged and finally, the company was incorporated, thus culminating into the achievement of a dream and path that the founding team had set upon since the April of the year 2015.

Since April 2017, Ambriona Chocolates have been incessantly strengthening their distribution & retail networks across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai & Goa.

A message from the founding members:

"We have faced a myriad of challenges, and beyond all naysaying, we have conquered every stone in our path. Hence, our customers can rest assured, we shall undoubtedly continue to do the same in the times to come."

Our Brand USP’s 






  • NABL & HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)  audits in place 
  • FSMS plan instated 
  • International sourcing collaborations instated for high quality ingredients
  • R&D centre at Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium enables us to keep up with global trends
  • The state of the art Manufacturing, processing & packaging facilities
  • Team of experienced & passionate, chocolate connoisseurs & chocolatiers