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About Ambriona

Our Story

Welcome to Ambriona chocolates. We are an Indian chocolate brand, creating products to satisfy your sweet-tooth without impeding your everyday healthy lifestyle choices.



Ambriona was born out of love for chocolates that continues to passionately drive our founding members.  A chocolate enthusiast, our founder Shahzad Anklesaria began working towards setting up Ambriona in 2012 while he pursued his Bachelors In Business Administration from the UK. 

He thoroughly focused on understanding, researching and learning everything about making and distributing good chocolate. Shahzad discovered that with the rise in international exposure, people across the country have become quality conscious. Moreover, being one of the youngest countries in the world, a majority of our population had already begun making healthier lifestyle choices. 

Shahzad witnessed a steeping growth in the demand for dark chocolate, artisanal chocolate, gluten-free and vegan options. By the end of the same year, India was already importing chocolates worth INR 1500 crore annually, in order to cater to the demand of the Indian chocolate market.

After two years of researching this market, Shahzad was mused by the demand for artisanal dark chocolates. He then decided to put his B-school experience to test and hence carefully began to design Ambriona’s range of chocolates. 

As of today, we at Ambriona chocolates try to create indulgent products without compromising on the health aspects .



The name Ambriona is a tribute to the Mayan civilization, the first ones to harvest cocoa and create the possibility for the single best food invention in the history of mankind. 

Taking inspiration from the Mayan goddess of chocolate: ‘Ixacacao’, Ambriona is an abstract word coined keeping in mind the unique, elegant & feminine attributes representing the goddess of chocolate.





We stand proud by the core philosophy of Ambriona Chocolates that is to embrace all things naturally. Our purpose is to consistently innovate and create indulgent products while keeping in mind your lifestyle choices. We formulate tailor-made products catering to one’s varying dietary needs. 

At Ambriona Chocolates, our mission is to change the perception of Made-In-India products by delivering products of top-notch quality.


Our Brand USPs 




Ambriona was founded by Shahzad Anklesaria, a business graduate from London, an avid traveller, a foodie and a chocolate enthusiast. He shares this passion of chocolates with all 3 core team members including his wife Rukshin Anklesaria, an MBA from Cardiff University (UK) who takes care of our retail & online sales teams.

Shubham Joshi, his childhood pal who graduated as a mechanical engineer only to find food to be his true calling. Leaving the machines behind, Shubham now takes care of sourcing, production & dispatch.

Rukhshana Anklesaria, a professional chocolatier, the kick-starter of Ambriona Chocolates and mother of Shahzad handles the Research & Development team constantly innovating & making healthy indulgent  products.

 "Starting a business is a long term commitment and what’s better than to start it with family & friends who can not only be trusted through the thick & thin but even share your passion."

— Shahzad Anklesaria 



Ambriona’s escapades began in April 2015 with just an idea and sheer dedication in our minds. It took us about 2 years to conceive our final product in April 2017. 

STEP 1: We sampled cocoa from 20 different plantations around the globe. Each region gave us their unique cocoa, hymning the notes of the terroir in which they are grown, making each cocoa sample different from the former. By the end of our sampling period, we had a variety of beans with a distinct character & flavour profile. 

The complete natural environment in which an individual ingredient is produced including factors such as soil, topography and climate. 

STEP 2: A team of experts conducted a meticulous market survey. The goal was to understand and identify the flavour preferences of the Indian palette. 

STEP 3: Once we knew the preferred flavour profiles, we picked our regions and prepared to sourced our single-origin cocoa. This is where we established our International sourcing collaborations. 

STEP 4: Thereupon we sourced the manufacturing and packaging equipment, leased the land, set up our factory, arranged all the finances and ultimately Ambriona Chocolates was incorporated.

The final step was to strengthen our online reach, distribution and retail network across the country. 

We faced countless challenges on this path we had set up in April 2015. We’re proud to say, 2 years later we continue conquering them with heaps of persistence and hard work.





Ambriona offers exotic varieties of delicious single and  multi-origin dark chocolates. All-natural, gluten-free and vegan bars made using exquisite cocoa sourced from locations like Uganda, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Togo and Vietnam. Each bar is decadent and has its own unique flavour profile due to the natural Terroir.





Daarzel by Ambriona offers a range of high quality Indian origin chocolates that are tastier and healthier in comparison to your regular old milk chocolate bars. Graduate from a milk chocolate lover to a dark chocolate connoisseur with the exciting range of Daarzel bars.





Daarzel Keto by Ambriona is tailor-made as per your dietary needs, keeping in mind your calorie counting meal plans. Our keto bars are deliriously delicious, sugar-free, low on carbs and loaded with good proteins. A favourite amongst our Ketogenic consumers, indulgence was never this healthy.





Daarzel Pro-application by Ambriona is a unique range of pre-made confectionery products, crafted especially for home-cooks and chefs enabling them to create wondrous dishes without any hassle. Our pro-application range ensures assured quality & convenience.





Daarzel treats by Ambriona are a range of cocoa based confectionery products that makes your brain release the “feel good” chemicals that elevates your moods. Daarzel treats were created with a singular objective: spreading happiness!








  • NABL & HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)  audits in place 
  • FSMS plan instated 
  • International sourcing collaborations instated for high quality ingredients
  • R&D centre at Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium enables us to keep up with global trends
  • The state of the art Manufacturing, processing & packaging facilities
  • Team of experienced & passionate, chocolate connoisseurs & chocolatiers