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Eating Ritual

It is advisable you make sure you have washed your hands with a scent-free soap or hand-wash. This not only ensures better hygiene for your well-being, but also prevents the flavour of the chocolate from being altered or tampered with, thus keeping it up to the highest standards of authenticity. Before you start this experiment, it is also recommended that you make sure your palate is clean. Any lingering taste in your palate can contaminate the taste of the chocolate and thus, give you an unsatisfactory and unauthentic experience.

Neutralise your palate by have a sip of water and then by eating a crystal of sea salt before biting into an Ambriona or Daarzel chocolate. Ensure your chocolate is at room temperature 22°-26° Celsius before consuming it. The right temperature will ensure that the integrity of the aromas of the chocolate are intact and that the intended texture of the chocolate is experienced at its most delectable.

1. Survey the paper packaging.

2. Remove the chocolate from the packaging.

3. Unwrap the chocolate from its wrapper.

4. Admire the chocolate’s appearance; enjoy the intricate design on your bar and its glossy sheen.

5. Break off a piece from the bar. Hear the mellifluous snap of the chocolate.

6. This way you can know how well your chocolate bar is tempered.

7. Hold it between your thumb and your index finger and feel the fine texture of the chocolate.

8. Take in the aroma of the chocolate and revel beside it.

9. Enjoy the beautiful aromas of the chocolate. This will give you an idea of what the chocolate will feel and taste like in your mouth. The aromas can be floral, smoky, fruity, acidic, citric, earthy and nutty the possibilities are practically endless.

10. Now leisurely, pop it into your mouth. Wait, don’t bite it yet!

11. Let the chocolate warm and soften up in the heat of your tongue. Now, press it against the roof of your mouth.

12. Let it sit on your palate for a while, till it begins to melt. Now, swirl it around your mouth.

13. Now, take a deep breath with your nose. Keep breathing. As you breathe, you’ll feel the chocolate releasing its flavours even more. Relax, Meditate and experience the whirlpool of this dark fantasy swirl inside your mouth.

14. Before taking your next bite of the chocolate, spare a moment to savour the aftertaste the chocolate has left behind on your palate and how it makes your body feel emotionally and physically.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this experience.