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Our Mission: 

 Our mission is to offer a perfect balance of health & indulgence through each of our products. We prioritize health & therefore offer products made with clean & natural ingredients, that are devoid of any nasties. We at Ambriona understand that each individual has a different body type & therefore have unique dietary requirements to optimize their health needs. We cater to the varied dietary needs of our customers & enable them to lead a healthier & happiers life!!



 Our Story
An Indian Chocolate Brand striving to develop products that yield health and indulgence to our customers. Ambriona is an environmentally & socially conscious gourmet farm-to-table packaged food company. We specialize in Dark chocolates | Caco Derivatives | Nut Butters | Assorted Nuts | Honey






Ambriona was born out of love for chocolates that continues to passionately drive our founding members.  A chocolate enthusiast, our founder Shahzad Anklesaria began working towards setting up Ambriona in 2012 while he pursued his Bachelors In Business Administration from the UK. 

He thoroughly focused on understanding, researching and learning everything about making and distributing good chocolate. Shahzad discovered that with the rise in international exposure, people across the country have become quality conscious. Moreover, being one of the youngest countries in the world, a majority of our population had already begun making healthier lifestyle choices. 

 Shahzad witnessed a steeping growth in the demand for dark chocolate, artisanal chocolate, gluten-free and vegan options. By the end of the same year, India was already importing chocolates worth INR 1500 crore annually, in order to cater to the demand of the Indian chocolate market.


Taking inspiration from the Mayan goddess of chocolate: ‘Ixacacao’, Ambriona is an abstract word coined keeping in mind the unique, elegant & feminine attributes representing the goddess of chocolate.


We stand proud by the core philosophy of Ambriona Chocolates that is to embrace all things naturally. Our purpose is to consistently innovate, create indulgent and nutritious products while keeping in mind the varying dietary needs & lifestyle choices of consumers.

 At Ambriona, our mission is to change the perception of Made-In-India products by delivering world class chocolates made from the finest cocoa beans


Our Brand USPs


Diet Preferences



Ambriona was founded by Shahzad Anklesaria, a business graduate from London, an avid traveller, a foodie and a chocolate enthusiast. He shares this passion of chocolates with all 3 core team members including his wife Rukshin Anklesaria, an MBA from Cardiff University (UK) who takes care of our retail & online sales teams.

Shubham Joshi, his childhood pal who graduated as a mechanical engineer only to find food to be his true calling. Leaving the machines behind, Shubham now takes care of sourcing, production & dispatch.

Rukhshana Anklesaria, a professional chocolatier, the kick-starter of Ambriona and mother of Shahzad handles the Research & Development team constantly innovating & making healthy indulgent products.

 "Starting a business is a long term commitment and what’s better than to start it with family & friends who can not only be trusted through the thick & thin but even share your passion."

— Shahzad Anklesaria 













  • NABL & HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) audits in place 
  • FSMS plan instated 
  • International sourcing collaborations instated for high quality ingredients
  • R&D centre at Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium enables us to keep up with global trends
  • The state-of-the-art Manufacturing, processing & packaging facilities
  •  Team of experienced & passionate, chocolate connoisseurs & chocolatiers