Ambriona - Single Origin Cacao Nibs from India | Vegan | Rich in Anti - Oxidants | All Natural | Unprocessed | 230 g

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Nutritional Facts: Per 100 gms (As per serving size)*

626.4 Kcal
14.9 g
50.0 g
of which Sugar
35.2 g
Total Fat
50 g
Saturated Fat
35.2 g
Trans Fat
0 g
*Approximate Values
Cocoa Powder


Vegan | Rich in Anti - Oxidants | All Natural | Unprocessed


-USES: Baking, Beauty, Shakes, Desserts


-VEGAN: Our products are 100% vegetarian. They are purely plant based.


- GLUTEN FREE: Gluten is a glue type protein found in wheat, rey and barley which provides a sticky feel.


- RICH SOURCE OF ANTI OXIDANTS: Our cocoa powder is a rich source of Anti oxidants

-KETO FRIENDLY: Suitable for keto diet.


- SOY FREE: Contains No soy.


-NON GMO: Our cocoa powder is GMO Free.

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